Welcome to LEARN

Lifelong Education And Research Network, LEARN is a professional educational and training scheme under United Charter Consultancy Limited’s (UCCL), Consultancy Services. It serves to provide vocational teaching courses and subject matter educational and training services.

UCCL has been providing training programs in collaboration by promoting occupation related training schemes and professional development activities, covering research and industrial needs pertaining to the environment, occupational safety & health, safety & risk management, pest-control-pesticide safety & health and related programmes together with in-house training schemes for various companies, government agencies and industry groups.

UCCL has also registered with Hong Kong Government’s Continuing Education Fund Scheme (CEF) in running its in-house training programme of Pest Control, Pesticide Safety for the 2020-2021 year and successfully completed 16-day 3-hour lectures for two cohorts, respectively graduating 168 students in the Certificate in Pest Control, Pesticide Safety and Health.