Procedures for Protection of Personal Data

UCCL staff handle the personal data of students with strict observation to the Privacy (Personal Data) Ordinance, Cap 486. By ensuring that all staff members will use the personal data in a responsible manner by the following means;

• To inform the owners about the usage and measures of their personal data;
• To collect and use the personal data for the purpose of informing and communication of related programmes;
• To transform the personal data collected from hard copy application form to electronic format;
• To store and secure the personal data at UCCL private server under password-protection;
• To evaluate the personal data under data anonymisation protection for course improvement;
• To update and correct personal data upon receipt of request from the owner;
• To record the personal data and related achievement of training for at least seven years;
• To apply measure to secure the personal data from use other than the related purpose;
• To restrict the use of personal data for any purpose other than the related purpose;
• To administer the personal data by authorised person endorsed by the Director of UCCL;
• To refer any complaint against any misuse of personal data to the Director of UCCL;
• To shred the hard copy of application forms by use of a shredding machine before disposal;

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If there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of this Privacy Policy Statement, the English version shall prevail.